Enhanced Guidance as You Navigate Life Events and Evolving Goals


The Sail program is targeted towards more mature investors (40 – 55) who want additional investment flexibility and enhanced guidance. This program is for investors who want to accelerate building their wealth by growing retirement savings (IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 401K, SIMPLES) or investing outside of their employer-sponsored retirement plan to pursue financial independence or other life goals. The program also offers access to planning services as needs evolve.

The Details

Investment Minimums

Minimum investible assets of $250,000 or income of $250,000.

Guidance from RRP Investment Advisers

Analysis of existing portfolio including asset allocation, expenses and tax treatment. Custom portfolio strategies built to support your unique goals and bi-annual review to monitor your progress and adjust portfolios as necessary to meet evolving goals.

The RRP Difference – Local Relationship & World Class Strategies

Fiercely independent (no compensation tied to any investment like a fund family or 3rd party manager)

Lifelong relationship with your adviser understanding your unique financial goals

Supported by robust institutional research

Availability of strategies that are designed to:

  • minimize market volatility
  • provide a unique combination of passive and active management
  • provide guaranteed income
  • include private equity offerings (if eligible)

Access to market commentary

Contribution advice

Hands-on distribution guidance

Use trusted custodian (Charles Schwab)

100% employee owned, 100% independent, 100% committed to you

Roman Retirement Planning:

  • Advises over 120 clients

Teaming with Taiber Kosmala:

  • Intelligent, data-driven and experience-based solutions
  • Advises over $15B in client assets
  • Serves institutional clients and financial advisers
  • Seasoned investment team with five Chartered Financial Analysts™
  • Over 1,000 meetings per year across a vast network of industry contacts

Market Commentary

Stay up to date with trends and insights with access to market commentary.

Client Portal

Direct access to easy-to-use client portal where you can monitor your investment strategies.

Comprehensive Plans

Access to retirement planning that covers cash flow analysis, retirement projections, tax review/projections and review of insurance coverages.

Comprehensive Plans are available for an additional one-time fee.

Comprehensive Plans

Collaborative planning with guidance based on data and experience

Individualized planning based on an understanding of our clients’ priorities and goals

Ability to model multiple retirement scenarios

Goes beyond “cookie cutter” plans

Tax efficient planning

Continued planning services provided for our Full Service Clients


Fees for Investment Management Services are calculated as a percentage of Assets Under Management. The effective blended fee is reduced as the managed portfolio reaches defined benchmarks.

Risk Management

Availability of risk management solutions, including life, disability and long-term care insurance, as well as annuities that can provide guaranteed lifetime income.

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