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Roman Retirement Planning, LLC is located on Cape Cod. We specialize in Retirement Planning for people nearing or already in retirement. We also provide Investment Management services for all ages. Whether you are in the accumulation phase of your financial lifecycle or the distribution phase, it is important to have processes and strategies in place to maximize your chances of financial success.

Retirement Planning


Make the Most of Your Time

Investment Management


Make Your Money Work for You

Where Do I Fit?


Focused on strengthening your financial foundation.

Targeted towards younger investors (< 40)

No investment minimum

Build knowledge to start your financial journey


Focused on building your

Targeted towards more mature investors (40-55)

Investment or income minimum of $250,000

Build confidence as you navigate life events and evolving goals


Focused on your retirement income and legacy goals.

Targeted towards investors preparing for or in retirement (55+)

Investment minimum of $400,000

Understand and access investment portfolios and income strategies designed for your retirement

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